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Giuliana Ricama, the embroidery magazine

An excellent bimonthly magazine dedicated to Italian embroidery, with some nuances on lace and macramé

Giuliana Ricama is an excellent bimonthly magazine dedicated to embroidery, lace and macramé.
An exclusive edition full of original ideas and detailed explanations, it can be purchased as a SINGLE COPY or AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. You can't find it on newsstands!


Our features

  • Collector's edition, careful confectioning, refined paper
  • High quality, large and neat photos
  • More than 40 pages of detailed explanations including: photographic passages, diagrams, drawings, detailed images of the fundamental details, precise instructions and complete materials, stitches used and the execution.
  • 4 difficulty levels: suitable for both experts and beginners
  • Original proposals thanks to collaboration with the best Italian schools and artists in the sector
  • Great variety of proposed techniques and concrete ideas for applications
  • Practical tips and tricks for obtaining professional results
  • Classic and modern projects
  • Updates on exhibitions, fairs and all events in the sector
  • Updates on editions/books in the sector
  • Articles of a historical and cultural nature regarding the peculiarities of the Italian styles
  • New columns every year
  • Special themes (e.g. children, ceremonies, etc.)


Special columns 2021

    a column dedicated to the Italian excellence in embroidery. It is a journey into the most typical techniques of our country with insights into the history, the technique itself, the curiosities, and the secrets to perform it at its best. 
  • GUILDS SPECIAL • INSTAEMBROIDERY: “Insta” stands for Instagram, “Embroidery” means embroidery in English! From time to time, we encounter a special guest who we have met on the famous social Instagram and who tells us about her extraordinarily original way of understanding embroidery.