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What is Giuliana Ricama magazine?

A bi-monthly publication full of suggestions, creations and trends on embroidery and its surroundings to be discovered!

Giuliana Ricama is a high quality italian bi-monthly magazine dedicated to embroidery, merletto, cross stitch and macramé. Each issue features articles on various techniques and stitches.

It is an exclusive edition, full of original ideas and detailed explanations, not available at newsagents.

No. 42 September-October 2021

The Techniques: Classic embroidery, stitch stem st., knot stitch, sicilian drawn threadwork, stem st., chain st., four-sided st., Cutwork technique, Perugino technique, pea-hole hemst., Hardanger technique, palestrina stitch, Cologna needle lace, Bobbin Lace.  

The protagonists:  

“You can do it!” - Rossella Lavarini – Manufacta (VR)
“Magic Jacobean” – “Mettiamoci un punto” Association (UD)
“A corner of serenity” - “Le Ricamiste Milano” Association (MI)
“The women will save the planet” – Embroidery School Valtopina (PG)
“Art Gallery” – Barbara Trimarchi - Tirano (SO)
“Back to black”– Cultural Association “Il Friuli ricama” (UD)
“Pure Beauty” - Association “Il Ricamo” di Oriana - Albignasego (PD)
“Dante’s Fuseruolas” – Project by Anna Lisa Piccioni - Deruta (PG)
“Embroidering with taste” – Morello Pecchioli (VR)
Made in Italy: Silin ® Stitch – Laura Sperandio Merlo (PN)
Corporazione delle Arti