The Project


The project stems from the desire to enhance and renew the art of embroidery, spreading with continuous care this culture that is one of the excellences of our country, without however neglecting foreign countries, a source of inspiration and comparison.

Giuliana Ricama is the result of a continuous exchange of ideas and comparison in order to be a means of communication that contributes to keeping this art alive, creating a renewed spirit of collaboration among the aggregations of people who practice it for a perspective of renewed enthusiasm for the future.

With our existence we want to contribute to making the world of embroidery better.


Giuliana Ricama


strongly in the precious value of embroidery as an art to be protected, aimed at self-expression, improvement through the development of creativity, growth and personal satisfaction.


a common means and objective that allows the diffusion and dissemination of this value.


the sense of responsibility, collaboration and awareness of our team and our customers


perspective to rediscover enthusiasm for embroidery and rediscover the comparison with other realities, in order to give our contribution to future generations of this art.