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January-February 2021


The Techniques: Classic embroidery, Bandera embroidery,Long and short st., chain st., stem st., knot stitch,Hardanger technique, Canusino st., drawn threadwork, stem st., darning st., knot st., nets, Sorbello st., four-sided st.,Cutwork technique, blanket st., stem st., Bobbin Lace.

The protagonists:

  • “You can do it!” – Rossella Lavarini – Manufacta (VR)
  • “Unmistakable style” – Association “Amici del Ricamo” – Chieri (TO)
  • “Game of patience and concentration” – Association “Il Filo che Conta” – Fermo
  • “protagonist on the table” – Laboratorio Artigianale Aeffecreations – Cortale (CZ)
  • “A long history of passion” – Club “Reggio Ricama” – Reggio Emilia
  • “All the warmth of Romagna” – Association “Mani come Farfalle” (FC)
  • “In the heart of Milan” – Le Ricamiste Milano (MI)
  • ““Love and Psyche” for bobbin lace – Patrizia Arditi (CO)
  • “Embroidering with taste” – Morello Pecchioli (VR)
  • Made in Italy: Bandera Embroidery – Amici del Ricamo” Chieri (TO)
  • Corporazione delle Arti
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Dear readers,
Today we have to communicate some sad news to you.
Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the company, the investments made and the commitment of our team, we have to face reality: the production costs of the magazine have been exceeding the receipts for too long.
We regret having to inform you that Giuliana Ricama will close and the last printed issue will be edition no. 47 of July-August 2022.
As we all know, passion is not enough and it is essential for a company to make ends meet.
We had embarked on the path of the English version thinking that we could, perhaps naively, fascinate foreign embroiderers with Italian embroidery techniques, but we encountered great difficulties.
Some people have always shown great confidence in Giuliana Ricama, and have supported and promoted it with great enthusiasm and perseverance. We can only be grateful to all of them, as well as to all our readers.
We ask those who have active subscriptions to wait for our communication which will be sent by email for the management of the remaining copies by the end of June.
Please do not worry, the situation will be under control and handled responsibly.
With great disappointment,
a hug from all the staff