Terms and conditions


These General Contract Conditions (hereinafter “General Conditions”) are drawn up in accordance with the legislative provisions of the Civil Code, Legislative Decree no. 70 of 09.04.2003 on information society and electronic commerce services and, where applicable, with Legislative Decree no. 206 of 06.09.2005 (so-called Consumer Code) and regulate the offer and purchase of the edition of the periodical “Giuliana Ricama”, including any supplements.

The General Conditions apply to contracts concluded


The company E-graphic srl Unipersonale, publishing company, in the person of its pro tempore legal representative, with registered office in Viale Edison, 4, 37059, Campagnola di Zevio – Verona, italy – VAT number 01337160236, hereinafter “E-GRAPHIC”,


any natural or legal person, who has formalized a purchase order electronically or on paper and is identifiable through the data provided by them to carry out the order, hereinafter “User”.

When completing the purchase form, the User will be asked to indicate whether they are private individuals or not. In this regard, it is specified that by private person we mean the consumer, that is the natural person who operates for purposes unrelated to any commercial, entrepreneurial, craft and professional activity carried out.

The purchase made implies for the User full knowledge and acceptance, without reservations, of these General Conditions. E-GRAPHIC may, at any time, modify the General Conditions; in any case, the General Conditions in force at the time of conclusion of the contract will always be applied to the User.

1. General expectations for online shopping


1.1. How to purchase and conclude the contract

1.1.1 To purchase online, the User must register in the appropriate section; once the registration procedure has been completed, the User must fill out the order form prepared by E-GRAPHIC and send it electronically, following the instructions indicated. It is the User’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the order content before submitting it.

1.1.2 By sending the aforementioned form, the User accepts the offer of sale to the public formulated by E-GRAPHIC. The contract, therefore, is considered concluded when E-GRAPHIC is aware of the User’s acceptance, formalized by means of the order form above, and only when the latter has made the relative payment.

1.1.3 After the conclusion of the contract, the User will receive an order receipt at the e-mail address communicated, which will contain, as per law, a summary of the general and specific conditions applicable to the contract, information relating to the product or products purchased, a detailed indication of the price, the means and conditions of payment, the duration of the service, as well as, in the case of a purchase made by a consumer, additional mandatory information. The user will receive an e-mail confirming the order request in which he/she is thanked for the purchase and is invited to see the details in the reserved area.


1.2. Prices, conditions of purchase and payment methods

1.2.1 The sales prices are those published online at the time the order is placed.

1.2.2 Prices may be subject to change without notice. It is therefore the User’s responsibility to ascertain the final price before submitting the purchase order.

1.2.3 The payment methods are shown online at the time of completing the order form and may be subject to limitations depending on the methods of purchase and use of the editorial product chosen by the User.

1.2.4 Payments made by credit card, PayPal or poste pay will be recorded at the same time as the purchase. In case of payment by bank transfer, however, it will be necessary to wait for the actual payment to arrive to activate the service. After payment, the User must keep proof of payment for one year (bank transfer slip).

1.2.5 Duration of the subscription contract: The subscription lasts one year starting from the month in which the contract is concluded. The subscription starts from the two-month period in which registration and payment are made. Unless otherwise specified, the subscription does not automatically renew, and the User will have to make a new purchase order once the previous subscription has expired.

1.2.6 Subscription formulas: the alternative formulas that can be selected by the Subscriber are the following:

  • Standard Annual” formula. According to this subscription formula, the periodical magazine is sent within the first ten days of each TWO-MONTH PERIOD, with delivery within the following ten working days. If the payment is made in the last three days of the month it will be automatically processed by the system in the first days of the incoming month, then the shipment will be made in the following month.
  • Group subscription” formula. The group subscription is designed to ensure convenience for customers of schools, associations or friends who meet at least once every two months to embroider together. The subscription has a specific discount on the website and is valid for a minimum of five subscriptions. Delivery will be made to a single address in the manner and terms referred to in the previous point.

1.2.7 Delivery is charged to the Subscriber and the costs are quantified at the time of signing the order online.

1.2.8 All the aforementioned methods of order confirmation, payment and delivery must also be considered valid for the purchase of single back issues or special manuals. The purchase of single issues or single volumes in the manner found on the website does not involve automatic annual subscription to the magazine. Also, for the purchases referred to in this paragraph, the right of withdrawal is not allowed once payment has been made.


1.3. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

1.3 The User acknowledges that, in relation to the sales contract concluded under the General Conditions, he/she will not have the right of withdrawal, generally provided for in favour of the consumer, given the provisions of art. 55 paragraph 2 letter e) of Legislative Decree 206/2005, which excludes the right of withdrawal, among other things, in the case of the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines.


1.4. User obligations and responsibilities

1.4.1 Once the online purchase procedure has been completed, the User undertakes to keep the General Conditions which, moreover, he/she will have already viewed and accepted, as an obligatory stage in the purchase procedure.

1.4.2 It is forbidden for the User to enter untruthful data wholly or partially; the personal data and e-mail communicated must therefore be personal and real, and not those of third parties and/or fictional ones. However, there may be the possibility of entering data different from one’s own in the different delivery address field (e.g. subscriptions purchased for third parties).

1.4.3 When completing the form prepared by E-GRAPHIC, the User declares, under his/her sole responsibility:

  1. the correctness and truthfulness of the data required to activate the service;
  2. to be over eighteen years old;
  3. to be a consumer, or to conclude the contract with E-GRAPHIC for purposes related to any entrepreneurial or professional activity carried out.

1.4.4 The User is authorized to use the service exclusively for personal use and not for profit, and, consequently, assumes full responsibility for any unauthorized use including, by way of example and not limited to, the dissemination of content through e-mails, file sharing platforms or social sites and the processing of press reviews, also online. The User acknowledges his/her full and exclusive responsibility for any use of the service that does not comply with the General Conditions.

1.4.5 The User undertakes to promptly notify E-GRAPHIC of any changes to his/her data at the address indicated in art. 1.7.

1.4.6 Since the periodicals will be delivered by the national postal service, in case of non-delivery of the magazine by the end of the reference month, the User must contact E-GRAPHIC by the telephone number +39 045 9231047 or send an email to the email address SALES@GIULIANARICAMA.COM.


1.5. Copyright and intellectual property

1.5.1 The content of the Editorial products (including texts, trademarks, images, videos) is protected by copyright law, being the intellectual property of E-GRAPHIC and/or third parties.


1.6 Privacy

1.6.1 E-GRAPHIC ensures that all the User’s personal data, if qualified as an interested party pursuant to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will be processed in compliance with the aforementioned Regulation. For more information on this, please refer to Information on privacy.


1.7 Contacts

1.7.1 Here follows contact details which the User can contact for any further information or assistance:

1.7.2 All communications that are made by e-mail pursuant to the General Conditions will be sent to the address communicated by the User during registration.



1.8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

1.8.1 The contract concluded under the General Conditions is governed by Italian law.

1.8.2 For any dispute that may arise between E-GRAPHIC and the User regarding the interpretation of the General Conditions and the execution of the contract concluded pursuant to the aforementioned, in the case of a consumer residing in Italy, the Court of the place where the User resides will have sole jurisdiction. If the User is a consumer residing abroad or is not a consumer, for any dispute that may arise between E-GRAPHIC and the User regarding the interpretation of the General Conditions and the execution of the contract concluded pursuant to the aforementioned, the Court of Verona will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Dear readers,
Today we have to communicate some sad news to you.
Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the company, the investments made and the commitment of our team, we have to face reality: the production costs of the magazine have been exceeding the receipts for too long.
We regret having to inform you that Giuliana Ricama will close and the last printed issue will be edition no. 47 of July-August 2022.
As we all know, passion is not enough and it is essential for a company to make ends meet.
We had embarked on the path of the English version thinking that we could, perhaps naively, fascinate foreign embroiderers with Italian embroidery techniques, but we encountered great difficulties.
Some people have always shown great confidence in Giuliana Ricama, and have supported and promoted it with great enthusiasm and perseverance. We can only be grateful to all of them, as well as to all our readers.
We ask those who have active subscriptions to wait for our communication which will be sent by email for the management of the remaining copies by the end of June.
Please do not worry, the situation will be under control and handled responsibly.
With great disappointment,
a hug from all the staff