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The current issue

Introducing the latest issue of Giuliana Ricama

Below is an overview of the latest issue of the magazine, with the cover, a short summary of the main contents and the possibility to purchase it directly online.


September-October 2021

€ 13.80


The Techniques: Classic embroidery, stitch stem st., knot stitch, sicilian drawn threadwork, stem st., chain st., four-sided st., Cutwork technique, Perugino technique, pea-hole hemst., Hardanger technique, palestrina stitch, Cologna needle lace, Bobbin Lace.  

The protagonists:  

“You can do it!” - Rossella Lavarini – Manufacta (VR)
“Magic Jacobean” – “Mettiamoci un punto” Association (UD)
“A corner of serenity” - “Le Ricamiste Milano” Association (MI)
“The women will save the planet” – Embroidery School Valtopina (PG)
“Art Gallery” – Barbara Trimarchi - Tirano (SO)
“Back to black”– Cultural Association “Il Friuli ricama” (UD)
“Pure Beauty” - Association “Il Ricamo” di Oriana - Albignasego (PD)
“Dante’s Fuseruolas” – Project by Anna Lisa Piccioni - Deruta (PG)
“Embroidering with taste” – Morello Pecchioli (VR)
Made in Italy: Silin ® Stitch – Laura Sperandio Merlo (PN)
Corporazione delle Arti