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Abilmente Fair and Giuliana Ricama: discover the most suitable course for you!


Great news from ABILMENTE FAIR !!!

As most of you will have understood by now, it will not be possible to carry out the spring edition in Vicenza scheduled for the month of May. But let's not despair because there is some GREAT news. Abilmente from 27 to 30 May 2021 it will be transformed into ABILMENTE ACADEMY that is 80 hours of LIVE COURSES for the community of “handmade” enthusiasts and a direct channel with the main online shops in the world!

You will find a wide variety of workshops and activities inspired by all five iconic areas of the event: Paper, Scrap & Color, Bijoux, Decoration, Sewing & Yarn but (of our supreme interest of course) you will find EMBROIDERY.

Attention: registrations are OPEN!

On the web platform of Abamente Academy, experts and beginners will be able to find the laboratory that best suits their inclinations, follow the steps illustrated by the teachers, ask questions and interact via chat. Alongside the large offer of free courses, there are also paid and limited number of activities in videoconferencing, aimed at those looking for an advanced path and greater interaction with the teacher. This is an opportunity not to be missed to restart, to get back into the game with your hands and your head to recover a bit from this long and difficult period. We at Giuliana Ricama WILL BE THERE and as always we have collaborated with the staff of Abilmente to offer you embroidery courses that may be of interest to you!

Regarding EMBROIDERY you will find the following courses:

a pulled thread  flower - May 30 at 9:30 am (free)
Giuliana Ricama presents the teacher Maria Rita Faleri of the Il Filo che Conta Association (FM):

With the pulled threads technique we will make a small doily with many openwork flowers. The motif can also be used for the creation of curtains, panels, cushions or other furnishing accessories.

Biscornu: blackwork, but not only black 28 May at 12:00 (free)
Giuliana Ricama presents the teacher Rossella Lavarini from Laboratorio Manufacta (VR):

the step-by-step instructions for making a 5-sided biscornu, embroidered with the blackwork technique. 

Not directly under the "hat" of Giuliana Ricama but absolutely to be reported because always related to embroidery you will find 2 other courses:

Let's embroider yourself: first and second part
May 29 at 12:00
May 30th at 5.30 pm
€ 10 - max 12 participants

I'MbroideRed presents:

We will learn how to convey the idea of ​​movement with the thread, how to close an embroidery on the back in a clean and linear way and how to bring writing from pen to thread. The cost includes both appointments.

Registrations will open on Monday 10/05

basic embroidery course
May 29th at 5:30 pm (free)

Mez presents:

A course to learn basic embroidery stitches

As you can see there is a good choice, now what is left to do?

Consult the 4-day program, discover the projects and the teachers: make sure you have the courses you like best.

Once you have registered, you will have all the time necessary to verify that you have what you need to take the course or find the materials you are missing with the various purchase proposals.

On the day of the course, just click on the link to follow the creative project, interact with the teacher and fill up on creativity!

At the end of the course, you will receive the link with the complete registration to review the course whenever you want.

If you like, after the course, tag @Abilmente sharing the photo of your creation.

Now I leave you the link to copy and paste to access the registrations. I invite you to take advantage of this splendid initiative organized by the friends of Abilmente who do their utmost to offer you the best in terms of our passions. A commendable initiative that we at Giuliana Ricama fully support.

Looking forward to seeing you in Autumn .. see you online!